Roof Moss Control Treatment
​No money is better spent than on a roof moss control treatment. This is a relatively inexpensive service that can prevent you from replacing your roof, which is a tremendous expense. We treat shake and composition roofs.

Once you notice moss on your roof, you should treat it promptly. Moss is like a sponge, it collects the rain and holds it. This causes your roof to be continuously wet where the moss is, leading to rotting of the roof. The roots of moss damage a roof by literally eating into the roof, which can lead to roof leaks and costly repairs. Moss grows continuously until the summer months when it goes dormant, because it doesn't have the rain it needs to thrive.

For our roof moss control treatments, we apply zinc sulfate (in a higher purity than you can purchase at a local hardware store), and within one to three days you will notice the moss change color to either a dark green, brown, rust or dark black color. This indicates that the moss is dead and the decaying process has begun.  The moss will naturally come off your roof, with the help of the rain and wind.  This entire process can take two to six months, but once the moss has changed color it is no longer damaging the roof.

Zinc sulfate is an environmentally friendly product that is approved by the EPA for the treatment and prevention of moss. We've been doing moss control treatments for over ten years, and have experienced no problems with applying it around people, animals or plants.

We guarantee our treatments to last two years from the date of application, but find that most last 3-4 years before any signs of moss return. If you sell your home, the warranty is transferable to the new homeowners for any time remaining on the warranty.

Algae is treated differently than moss. We first treat the algae and then lightly scrub and rinse off. This service is only offered for smaller areas of the roof. An example is where the water from the downspout of a gutter runs down the roof and into a lower gutter. This is often found on homes with dormer windows.

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